Sutton Bank day one


First day of flying at Sutton Bank today with many hours flown.

With cumulus in abundance and a 10kt  NNE wind we aerotowed  off 02. Cloud base was a reasonable 3500ft and there was good lift available

Rod gave Nigel  a site check in EUF and had just short of the hour. Chris encountered strong sink and had to take a relight after 15 mins , his second flight lasting well in excess of an hour.

Carol and I  had over two hours  and explored good lift over Thirsk and the surrounding areas.  Nigel then took the Vega for a couple of  flights very much enjoying his  first  aero tows in a single  seater.

A bit later in the afternoon Graham arrived and had a couple of  flights with Rod and was introduced to  aero towing and the delights of flying here at SB. During  the flight  Chris and I  flew alongside  them and took a few photos….. more later.

At the end of the day Rod found a nice spot to park the Puchacz!



Seems this is the first glider to use the new hanger!

So a very good day at Sutton Bank and today  looks like more of the same.



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CFI, Owns a Janus C with Carol.

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