Sunday 26th April

Despite an unpromising start the low cloud base and drizzle was forecast to clear so we kept ourselves entertained chatting about field landings before de-rigging the Vega to go off on its exped. By early afternoon flying was on the cards with some promise of post frontal lift. All three 2 seaters were DI’ed and were heavily utilised. Thanks to the weather gods and some diligent flying Jeremy and Tony were both able to re-solo and Selvam was checked out by Ken and obviously didnt scare him too much as he also went off on a solo soaring mission. Graham and Andrew also managed to connect with some extended flights. Finally a late burst of thermal activity and some very sound flying, despite being put through the ringer yet again, allowed John Douglass to complete his first solo. Well done John!

Thanks to everyone who stuck around to assist despite the early poor weather.

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Shalbourne Gliding

Shalbourne Gliding