Sunday 24th May

With the launching being from the northern end of the airfield we managed to get in about 13 launches before needing to stop to allow Ringo to start to gather up the grass cuttings which caused the cancellation of flying yesterday.
Cloudbase was only 700-800ft so circuits were the order of the day. By managing to launch into a rare clear bit, Nigel and I¬†found ourselves with¬†sufficient height to spin JPC and in doing so¬†managed to¬†sign off¬†Nigel’s BI rating for another year.
Due to the grass cuttings Steve Gaze had to frequently remove the build up of grass from the paying in rollers……see below.
Before we left we made sure that the winch and all vehicles were refuelled ready for tomorrow’s open day and with Ringo’s bailing¬†contractor due on the airfield at 3pm the southern end of the airfield¬†should be ok for flying tomorrow.


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