Sunday 17th – Grassed-up

Not up to the previous day but some soaring was possible.¬† However, we probably spent more time clearing wheel boxes which got clogged with the freshly cut grass than we did in the air.¬† I have never experienced such comprehensive, and solid, clogging from grass.¬† Richard D in the LS3-17¬†came up with a sure-fire way of avoiding grass in the wheel box – don’t put the wheel down.

We probably would have clocked up more than the 21 launches that day as we put the toys away fairly early (plus there were the grass clearing delays between launches).  Everybody got to fly so nobody missed out.Grassed-up
It was a day for showing “old dogs new tricks” as the 3 longest flights of the day were made by our newest qualified pilots (Tony C 39 mins; John D 44 mins; Andrew P 1:13).

As we were leaving the field the “heavy squad” appeared with large agricultural Tonka toys to cut the rest of the field and gather the grass – phew!

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