Saturday 25th April

I guess folks had been taking notice of the weather forecast as there was quite a modest turnout. Well I hoped they enjoyed their shopping or domestic chores while some of us took advantage of a first rate cloud streets. A leisurely start to the day waiting for the weather to improve. With limited numbers of members in attendance we just pulled out the Puchacz and one of the K13’s.
On the second launch Charles McC demonstrated scratching skills to stretch the flight to 14 minutes. A few launches later Peter E gave our Trial Lesson visitor a 22 minute flight with a view of his house at the bottom of the hill in Rivar.  Mark P needed to complete his annual checks, after the customary simulated launch failure we took a second launch and Mark climbed to cloud base at 3,000′, pointed the Puchacz into wind and slowly made our way to Pewsey (gaining 100′ at one point without turning).  Steve B launched of in a K13 and similarly followed the street to Pewsey.  It was Mark who took longest flight honours with 45 minutes, narrowly beating Steve by 2 minutes.

A modest 16 launches but an enjoyable day for the few of us there.

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