Saturday 16th May

By late morning the thermals were working well with Duty Instructor Ken Porter reporting 6 knot climbs during his weather check flight so the Duo, LS7 and Janus declared a 170km task of RIVar, DEVizes, LASham clubhouse, MARlborough, RIVar.

The run down to Devizes was not too bad with both good climbs and strong sink in places but for Carol and I  the run to Lasham was not so quick, despite being downwind, as there were some large blue areas for us to jump.


Lasham from about 3500ft

Lasham was eventually turned and we headed back towards Marlborough.


Basingstoke and Oakley


Greenham Common

We got stuck again over Tot Hill Services and after wasting a load of time trying to gain enough height to jump to the next cloud we finally made the trip to Marlborough, the leg from Marlborough to Rivar was very quick as by now the good lift was back.

Ken and Bill missed out going to Marlborough as Ken’s bladder was in need of emptying so after turning Lasham they landed back at Rivar,¬† we¬† got round in a very slow¬†3hrs 31 mins but Chris was fastest with 2hrs 40 mins ūüôĀ

With hind sight we should have¬†declared a task¬†further to the ¬†NW as the air was better that way but that aside it was still a great flight……very enjoyable in places!


About the Author: philip morgan

CFI, Owns a Janus C with Carol.

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  1. GrahamT

    I did see the Janus over southern Newbury whilst I was my daughters 7th birthday party and tracking it via OGN.

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