Bank Holiday Monday

Bank Holidays can be days when hardly anyone appears to fly, but not this one.  20 people turned out and flew, including   Duty instructor was Tim R and with help from 3 other instructors managed to keep all 3 club 2-seaters busy.  Alan P rigged his Skylark and offered flights in it to a couple of other solo pilots which helped reduce the demand for the club gliders.  Alan H rigged his ASW15 and, somewhat optimistic, declared a 5 hour attempt.  At the top of the launch he heard a noise which turn out to be a crack extending in his canopy.  He landed, 4 hours 53 minutes short of his target.
Airfield Easter Monday
Mostly only circuits were on offer but about a quarter of them enjoyed some soaring.  Most notable were the first launch of the day (Jeremy K with Tim R) of 47 minutes and the last one (Selvam) of 58 minutes.

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