Sunday 5th April- Easter Day

Sunday turned out to very busy day what with pre-solo training, check flights and annual checks.

Although flight times were noticeably lower than yesterday we managed to clock up an impressive 46 launches.

Paul Prentice set the best time of 15 mins in the K8 at a time when all others were getting 8 or 9 minutes and thought he had the bragging rights in the bag until Graham Tanner smashed it by claiming 25 mins!

Graham has been unable to fly the K8 or Vega for some time as we are no longer allowed to use lead cushions in gliders which means he is under min cockpit weight. But following the re-weighing of DHA it has been agreed that by using the lead bar and seat packing Graham is safely within C of G limits so can now fly the K8. Also after a recent visit by Gordon McDonald, the BGA CTO, it has been agreed that we can now add ballast weights to the nose of the Vega so that he can fly that as well……understandably Graham is quite happy!

Other highlights of the day include Andrew Peacock getting “Off Checks”, Rod Harris and James Walters successfully completing their annuals and Jeremy Knight flying his second solo so well done to you all.


Saving the best to last Top Honours must go to Tony Chapman who after plenty of spinning, stalling and numerous simulated cable breaks went SOLO!!!!!


Someone missing

Well done Tony! I think it is an understatement to say that you were a happy 🙂




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  1. StephenO

    Interestingly (?) there were almost twice as many launches on this day compared to Saturday but approaching half the flying time – mind there was a lot of bung pulling. On Monday however, we managed slightly fewer launches but clocked up 5.5 times more flying time.
    All in all, an exceptional Easter weekend.

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