Lights, Camera, Action!

The sun came out to welcome Bert back to the airfield – but this time with a TV crew accompanying him.¬† In the middle of April we got a day normally experienced in the middle of summer (mid 20’s, sunny, inversion, no cloud).
Film Crew
Bert is about to be one of the stars of a programme for ITV1 called “100 year old drivers ride again” (imaginatively named follow up to “100 year old drivers“).¬† When they found out he is also a member of the gliding club they wanted to film him in action.¬† The crew from the production company¬†RDF Television (Harry – Director, Ben – video, Martin – sound) arrived ahead of Bert to prepare the Puchacz by installing 4 cameras (Go Pros).¬† One on the wing and one on the tail (thanks to Phil’s purpose made mounts) and 2 in the cockpit (fore and aft) plus a recorder secured¬† behind the rear seat.¬† Then Bert and I were wired for sound – just hope I didn’t make any Gordon Brown type comments.¬† Bert is rather frail so getting into the glider was a bit of a trial but his mind and reactions are as sharp as ever.¬† We didn’t manage to find any thermals so just 2 short flights plus we had a cable break during the ground run.¬† Once off the launch Bert demonstrated that he hasn’t forgotten how to fly.

While all that was going on Bob B and Peter E were attending to normal club flying.¬† With 4 trial lessons turning up on spec plus a couple of folks needing the attention of an instructor, they were kept busy.¬† One of the TL folks had been at the club the previous Wednesday¬†and this time she brought along donuts and her friends.¬† Bill C was the day’s soaring god with just over an hour.¬† Those who launched within an hour of his launch were also treated to soaring flights.¬† Outside of the hour window it was only Chris K who managed to defy gravity (in that case for 30 minutes)

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  1. StephenO

    I can now report (thanks to having a friend at ITV) that Bert’s program is schedule for 8pm on 15th July on ITV1

  2. StephenO

    It would appear that Bert is becoming a bit of a celebrity. Interviewed by the Newbury Weekly News and the Wiltshire Gazette and Herald next up is the BBC. Bert and Grandson Dean will be filmed at Thruxton Race Track on12th May . They will be driving around a course designed by the Institute of Advanced Motorist to test the skills of and old experienced driver i.e. Bert against a young male driver i.e. Dean. Should the filming be successful then they will be interviewed on Breakfast TV probably on Thursday or Friday 14th 15th May

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