Easter Monday – Cracking Day

What’s happening – a bank holiday weekend and we get lots of flying on 3 of the 4 days.  Monday, though, was the best day for flying with 10 flights of an hour or more and another 6 between half an hour and an hour.  Trevor G took longest flight (strongest bladder) honours with 3:20.  Reports of climbs to 3,700 (and deploying breaks to avoid being sucked into cloud).  Launch heights only up to 1,900′ though.
Airfield Easter Monday
After half an hour in the Vega I decided not to thermal for the rest of the flight.  My resolve did crumble when the vario flicked to 8 up and that thermal took me back up to near cloud base at never less than 3 on the averager (peaking at 3.9).

After her winter layoff Claire flew the Puchacz (with instructor ballast in the back seat)  determinedly scratching in the blue until the thermal decide to start to work properly. Then to be buzzed by a buzzard who flew straight at the Puchacz before changing its mind at very close quarters.  A few minutes later it was seen tumbling through the sky with a friend – it must have figured out the Puchacz wouldn’t make a good tumbling companion.

We had a visit from Phil R who used to be a member 25 years ago.  He took a diversion on his way home from Wales.  He had only intended just to take a look but fortunately his wife had a good book so he stayed for a while and was persuaded into a glider.  Not that it took much persuading – he left promising to be back soon.

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