Wednesday 4th March

The sky looked OK but the lively cross-wind didn’t bode well but it that’s not enough to keep the “Wednesday boys” on the ground.  On the 4th launch Tony P demonstrated it was possible to connect with a thermal and climb faster than the drift (ad avoid the 8 down that had been seen on a previous flight) with 18 minutes.  The HAX boys, flying mutual, beat that duration and then beat it again to sit as kings of the castle with 24 minutes.  The wind backed a little to provide a bit more headwind and launches of up to 2,000′ in the Puchacz were reported.  Several other enjoyed soaring flights but without taking the HAX boy’s crown.  Then Rodney (aka fluffy Harris) finally let someone else take over on the winch and had his arm twisted to take a launch.  37 minutes he returned to report climbs to over 3,000′.

15 members flew and clocked up five and a half hours of 27 launches.

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