Saturday 14th March…..Thermal and Ridge day and bung pulling day at Shalbourne

Today was one of those days where the weather couldn’t decide if it wanted to be a thermic day or a ridge day but that didn’t deter Steve Gaze as he took advantage of the conditions to take the first flights in his LS4

Steve and Richard

All went rather well and Steve was suitably pleased with his new toy.

Carol and I timed our launch well and  latched onto a thermal  pretty quickly rapidly climbing to 3,100ft in the Janus only to return an hour or so later.  We only came down for something to eat but as soon as we did the sky over developed and cloudbase lowered significantly, eventually getting down to around 1500ft or so.

With the reducing cloudbase a slight shift in the wind direction meant that portions of the ridge were working as this flight shows 🙂

As you can see we were down to around 800ft by the gibbet but the lift was reasonably constant but after half an hour we had lost enough height to make a run for home a good idea!

On the instructing front Jim Gavin was kept quite busy with annual checks and seemed quite happy in indulging in the great instructor sport of bung pulling! Good to see that at least 3 more members have been signed off for the year. Remember that annual checks need to be done by the 31st March otherwise you will not be allowed to fly solo.


Also……..if you have ever thought that inspecting cables before each day’s flying is a waste of time then take a look at this photo.

This is what we found this morning…….

Faulty launch cable

Needless to say it was cut out and re-joined.


Oh and one last thing…………………..

Can you think of a suitable caption for this photo????

Steve, Jim and Richard








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