Murky Wednesday

Toys all out and folks ready to fly but it wasn’t until almost midday that we threw Bob B into the air to see if he could find his way back to the airfield.  Good high launch but back in 7 minutes reporting that the viz was awful.  An hour later and I gave it a try.  Much improved but not great.  This was enough of a signal for Colin B to pull the LS3-17 online and wander off for an hour and a quarter (bagging longest flight honours).  4 other flights, out of the 29 launches for the day, flew for between 30 minutes and an hour (including both of the HAX boys).

Rivar Hill Owl

Highlights of the day were seeing a barn owl running the airfield boundary looking for supper (Bob B caught him on camera) and lardy cake in addition to the usual donuts.  We know how to live it up on a Wednesday 🙂

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