Christmas Eve

I know, I know – that was ages go. I’ve been somewhat tardy of moving over from the old blog site to our new all-singing-all-dancing website. The 24th was such an exceptional and unexpected Christmas gift that I couldn’t let it pass unrecorded.
Those fortunate enough to escape Christmas trials and tribulations were rewarded with some unexpected soaring. Second flight of the day and Ken R stayed airborne in the K8 for 20 minutes climbing to over 2,000′ and deploying airbrakes to give others a chance to play. Next flight and John D scratched out 22 minutes in a K13.  It was about another hour and a half before another longer flight was achieved – this time by Peter M.


view from K8

View from the K8

A dozen of us clocked up almost 3 hours of fling off 16 launches.

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