Sunday 1st Feb- Another ridge day!


Just to show that the weather doesn’t always take note of the forecast! I must admit that on Saturday night I felt that flying yesterday would be “interesting” for the wrong reasons but it turned out to be the exact opposite.

It was quite gusty when I left Andover at 8:30 but an hour later at Keevil the gusts had subsided sufficiently enough to make flying JMX a reasonable decision, in fact later on Keevil brought their own K13 out to play as Graham mentioned.


With Carol side-lined with a chest infection it was left to Chris and I to enjoy the delights of ridge flying the Janus. First flight lasted just over the hour and the second a very enjoyable 1:35. With ridge and thermal lift available we climbed to 2400ft and explored the ridge in both directions for many kms.


Jim and Nigel made good use of JMX on the ridge and needed most of their 1200ft height to push into the 18 knot headwind to get back to the airfield.

Though I think Graham may have wished he had a bit more height in reserve when it came to his turn in the Bannerdown K13!

Here is a view low down on “Smokey Joe” (Westbury Chimney). My phone’s camera makes the chimney seem further away than it really was.



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