Interclub 2015 (Part 2)


Interclub 2015

Whats all the fuss?

Most of you will have either heard, or participated in an Interclub in the past, some of you may not. For those who know what its about, skip down a paragraph or two. The others; read on.

Let me start by giving you the basic lowdown.

The Interclub is a competition; you fly, do your best, and see what happens. Its not for everyone, which is ok. But if you’ve not entered one before don’t think it’s not for you, you should give it a go.  It’s a competition, but actually it doesn’t matter if you win, loose, or draw, it’s much more than just a trip to another club and getting all competitive; it’s about broadening your boundaries, pushing yourself a little, meeting good people and quite often surprising yourself.

Met is discussed with everyone before the start of each flying day, routes are set, NOTAMS discussed and fettling done to gliders.

It’s a relaxed atmosphere where you’ll find everyone is on your side, you’ll find help from people competing against you, and support from all.

Even for people who are just not interested in competing, or perhaps think it’s not for them, it offers a great opportunity to do your best and find something within yourself you may not have been aware of.

Of course there’s a chance you’ll land out. So what! Someone will fetch you, probably take the micky and you’ll be in the chair for a pint or two. But you’ll have a great story to tell, which will only get better the more you tell it.

The Interclub is held over a number of weekends,  spread apart during the flying season, the dates haven’t yet been arranged. You don’t have to even enter them all. A weekend, or more if you fancy. Skill also isn’t really important, and skill can only come with exposure and practice.

Giving it  go:

So what do you need?

  • A crosscountry endorsement.
  • A glider.
  • A tent or camper van (optional), or access to a B & B (optional).
  • A cheery disposition.

3-2-1 go!

Please get in touch with me to find out more.

I will be pestering…..

Chris Bessent

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