Tailend of October

Decided lack of blog entries so I’ll just do a brief summary of the days remaining in October.

Wednesday 22nd
Not a very promising looking day but second launch had Ken H with a double digit flight time (just). It was Bill O who set the time to beat with 29 minutes in the Puchacz and no one got near that.  Mind, out of the 28 launches there were 7 of them in the 10 to 20 minute band.

Saturday 25th
Duty instructor Bob B was kept busy in the back seat of 10 of the 28 launches of the day.  Rob J claiming “soaring god for a day” award with 15 minutes.  Always good to welcome a pilot from another club – this time it was a visitor from Booker.

Sunday 26th
Looking at the log it appears to have been the day for annual checks.  All, bar 2, of the 23 flights had Phil M or Carol P in the back seat.  The 2 solo flights were both flown by Nigel B and were the only ones to get into double digits (15 and 16 minutes).

Wednesday 29th
Low cloud so no flying.  After eating donuts (one of the benefits of Wednesday flying) boredom resulted in Peter M deciding to demonstrate the self-parking gizmo on his car.  A sheet of ply was propped up against the barbeque to simulate one car and Bill C (rather bravely the rest of us thought) offered his car to act as the second car.  A few loops around occurred before Peter’s car could be persuaded to have a go but we finally got to see the car parallel parking while Peter waved hi hands in the air.

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