Saturday 27th September

A modest turnout but another very enjoyable days flying at Shalbourne, by close of play we had flown a reasonable 31 flights.

It was one of those days were some where treated to extended flights whereas others could only do circuits, all in the timing.

Not that these conditions worried Tim or me as we were having great fun (well I was!) doing his 5 year instructor checks. On one flight we did manage to contact good lift which took us to 3,400ft which enabled us to spin and spiral dive to our hearts content which meant that Tim was duly signed off again.

But we weren’t the only ones to stay up, Steve Gaze got top honours with 1:15 in the K8 and despite a valiant effort Paul P managed a creditable 1:09 (also in the K8). Alan P was next with 1:07 flying  his Oly.

Charles McCallin took me back up to 3,400ft in JPC and with all that height we got plenty of exercises signed off in his progress card during our 48 mins aloft.

Congratulations go to Graham Tanner for completing his XC endorsement at Bicester recently, he only turned up so that I could sign his forms but he took little persuading in taking a flight in Puchacz!

Thanks to Nigel B for helping with the trial lessons and to Richard D for also lending a hand.

Oh and after its 100 hours check the Puchacz was tested and returned to service after the customary looping and VNE stuff by yours truly.


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