Wednesday 24th

Colin B had sent out an email telling folks not to be put off by the rain in the morning as soaring would follow – and soaring there was (well, unless you were the HAX boys taking a K13 for a series of circuits).  Paul B set the days time to beat on the 4th launch of the day with 1:08 in the K8.  That was topped by Jonty H with 1:10 (again in the K8).  Jonty was looking to get the spot landing entry on his post solo card signed off by landing in line with the launch point.  The assembled gentlemen enjoying the sunshine in the lee of the caravan debated as to whether his landing back at the empty launch point qualified as a spot landing as he must have been all of half a meter short – these boys can be hard to impress.

Looking for gliders at an empty launch point

Bill C took the honours for longest flight in the Vega with 54 minutes.  Longest K13 flight was Rowland with 44 minutes, gaining a bronze leg on his 5th (or there abouts) solo flight.  King of the castle was claimed by Paul Mc who topped out at 3,400′ in the Vega.
Footnote: I suppose it’s not really fair to pick out the HAX boys as you had to be a bit lucky with the timing of your launch.  Only 8 of the 23 launches managed more than 20 minutes.  I also have to appologise to Jonty H as I stripped him of his longest flight honours.  I only took the K8 as it seemed rude to leave it sitting when there was spare cable sitting next to it.  Mind, it took 900′ of the 2,000′ launch to find my first (weak) climb.

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