Wenesday 25th

Good looking cu to south and to the north (out of reach) but we had a pretty sky on offer.  Nobody rushing to rig and launch with little prospect of soaring.  First off the block was Colin and Jonty who defied expectations and stayed airborne for 20 minutes.  From then it just got better and better.  The K8 appeared back online and Bill C proved it hadn’t forgot how to soar.  Three private gliders rigged (HZD, EEF and FOT), launched and stayed airborne.  Lots of gliders to running around so a good lookout was essential.  Having run around the countryside with 5.5 knot climbs available (on the average) and climbs up to 4,800, I returned from Andover at 100 knots to swap with Colin.  After a low scrape he invented, and tested, a new mini-triangle for the club (small task for those not wanting [or permitted] to fly out of gliding range).
Bonus of the day was getting to see the fruits of Peter E’s and William’s labour – his restored Riley Sprite before he heads off for a Riley rally in Le Mans.

No glider pilots car is complete without a tow hitch

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