Wednesday 23rd

We had read the Lasham forecast, including Jon G who had taken the day off work based on what it promised – which ended with “Should be good for a fast 400-500km+. If it streets as well it will be epic!”.  I’m guessing the Duo Discus that appeared low nearby deploying the iron thermal would have taken issue with that summary.  Fortunately, the engine was started well away from the village.
There was a fair wind blowing NNE so maybe the ridge would deliver until the trigger temperature was reached.  Not so, circuits were the order of the day until at 14:00 Bill O launched into a better looking sky and stuck for over an hour.  This prompted a flurry of activity but only the occasional launch got some soaring.  For those who did manage to connect, climbs to 3,900′ were available and for everyone, pockets of sink of 8 down could be encountered.  Of the 36 launches only 4 managed over an hour (Rob J top dog with 1:13) and another 4 of over 20 minutes.
The folks who packed the toys away were invited to the pub to help celebrate Colin B’s significant birthday.

Footnote:  Having started this entry with a dig at the forecast I feel it only fair to say that the Lasham Weather God normally is remarkably accurate most of the time.  We benefit from not being far away and so being able to take advantage of these forecasts.

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