Saturday 26th

A good day was anticipated and 6 private gliders rigged.  However, they sat on the ground for the first 3 hours as club gliders mostly doing circuits.  The exception was Nigel B who was the only one to soar (not once but twice).  Then Paul P launched in the club K8 and just kept going up and up.

Paul P’s progress attracting interest

That provided the trigger for the private gliders to launch.  Lots of soaring for the next 3 hours.  Carol P and Phil M claimed longest flight honours with 3:19.  Having been once round the Wantage/Devizes/Rivar triangle they decided to do it a second time but faster.  Climbs to 5,600′ were on offer and some tasty streets available.
We were pleased to welcome Ben P who turned up for a Trial Lesson and joined on the spot.  Nigel gave him a taste of soaring which included seeing his home in Hungerford from the Puchacz.
It was the last chance to see an old familiar friend on the horizon – Didcot cooling towers.  In the early hours of Sunday 3 of the towers were demolished.

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