Sunday 8th June – a day to remember?

With reasonable soaring conditions, 3 booked trial lessons, plenty of ab initios and 3 sets of instructor checks to get through and only 2 two seaters online Carol and I were kept rather busy.

Most of my time was spent with getting the instructor checks for Steve Ottner, Carol Pike and Ken Porter completed as time was beginning to run out which would have meant that we would have been 3 instructors down but with the help of other instructors we managed to get almost everyone flown.

Unfortunately due to an active CuNim nearby we had to curtail flying before everyone had flown which must have been quite frustrating for those affected. Quite rightly the winch driver was not too keen on sending a steel wire up to the offending cloud!

All in all we flew 47 launches and despite a lot of bung pulling on my part we managed to clock up over 20 hours of soaring. Notable flights were Jim Clarke with 3:39 in the Nimbus, Ken Reid with 3:05 in the Duo and Colin Baines with 1:43 in the LS3.

The soaring conditions were not always that good as can be testified by the number of visitors that landed at Rivar during the afternoon. Unfortunately one of these visitors dropped a wing during a re-light and ground looped his glider causing substantial damage to the tail, the pilot however was a little shaken but otherwise ok.


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