good bye spring, hello summer

The last day of spring was one of those days where it tried to be soarable but it just wasnt really, by which i mean it was and we did but climbs were weak and unreliable. Colin, Phil’n’Carol and Richard rigged and enjoyed some soaring as did the K13 and Vega to some extent.

The first day of summer was much better, it started off quite tricky locally with initial overdevelopment and lowish cloudbase but as morning turned to mid afternoon the conditions got good indeed (although one member was heard to comment that 5000ft cloudbase and climbs at 5kts weren’t inspiring him). I flew to Bicester and back to hand over to Jim who did the same, gliding back 53km from north of Oxford.. Phil’n’Carol flew Bic, Ban, Birdlip and Chris flew most of that, missing out the yucky bit by Birdlip. Ken’n’Bill in the Duo flew Keevil, Didcot. The club fleet were kept busy and soaring. Nice day.

Congrats to Liz who won the regionals.

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