Sunday 13th

Thirteen is considered unlucky but only for those people who didnt turn up at the airfield today with a total of 39 flights and over 20 hours of soaring time logged this was our busiest day since August last year.

The good forecast brought out quite a few private owners who were busy trying to remember how to fly their hot ships after a winters slumber, the Janus, Nimbus, Ls3, Oly, Pirat and Jantar all taking to the skies for extended soaring flights and short cross countries. The club gliders were also kept fully utilised with Daniel and Pablo up first in the Puchacz for check flights before Daniel took to the skies in the K8 and decided not to come back, twice, clocking up two flights of over an hour to double his solo hours to date and get his first Bronze leg. Mean while Pablo kept the launch point uncluttered soaring the Puchacz solo for the fist time while Phil put Justin through his paces for his Bronze flying test. Stuart obviously also appreciates a tidy launch point as he disappeared off in the club Vega and Alan proved that the surest way to catch a thermal is to decide to hangar fly and went soaring in the Oly on his fourth attempt. Unfortunately Richard brought the Ls3 back for his syndicate partner who had already absconded in a spare seat in the Janus so the airfield didn’t remain tidy for long.

Conditions remained soarable until late in the day so I was able to sneak off for an hour in the Nimbus to remember what 50:1 is really like while Pete checked Graham out befrore his type conversion to the Vega ending a long day of good soaring and numerous personal achievements.

It looks like the soaring season is here.

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