Saturday 12/04 and Sunday 13/04

I was duty Saturday, it was grey and overcast and quite windy, but it was soarable. With no-one willing to fly with me I took the Vega, having noticed a brightening – it was quite tricky and cycling but i managed 38mins, Nigel and Stephen coming close with their soaring efforts.

On Sunday I rigged 737 along side EEF, the pirat, the olly, FOT and 383 and launched into a much better looking sky for, in formula 1 parlance, a systems check and installation lap. It was working ok up to about 3000ft so I set off north for a wander. There I found the thermals much more broken (wave from wales?) and struggled to get back, fortunately the nimbo was good for the task.

Congratulations to Graham Tanner for converting to the Vega and to Justin for completing his bronze checks.

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Shalbourne Gliding