Club exped to Portmoak

The first two days were not flyable due to low cloud but on Sunday Carol and I managed to get every ones site checks done so it was time for Nigel, Jon and James to give the Vega a go.
With the easterly wind soaring times were in single figures but its fair to say that the circuit out over Loch Leven was different to what we are used to at Shalbourne, a video will be posted when I get back.

Despite the short flight times everyone is thoroughly enjoying the experience of flying here. The locals are very friendly and helpful, we are effectively a club within a club and have access to a tug when we need one…..only have to ask and a tuggy comes to site to launch us!

Also they say if it gets busy they will arrange for us to have our own launch run and winch………can’t get better than that!

Paul had an aerotow check with Carol in the Puchacz and was cleared for solo aero-towing as was James Walters who had a check in a K21 with one of the Portmoak instructors.

 Even though easterly winds are not ideal Carol and I took a 2,000ft tow to explore the Lee Wave that had set up a short distance from the west face of the Bishop. Steady 2 knot climbs gave good views of the scenery below until suddenly the gap started to close in. Despite descending quickly the last few hundred feet was done in cloud so both of us gained our cloud flying rating 🙂

As you can see  Rod and Maureen visited one of the many local whiskey distilleries and Rod could not resist buying some…………………….. have a look at the label!

According to the locals today (Tuesday) is promising to be a good day so hopefully I will be able to report some longer flights. 

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