Sunday 9th March

The sun comes out, the temperature rises and more people appear at the airfield.  Hardly classic flying conditions (inversion with limited soaring opportunities and so-so vis) but just good to be out and flying.  Bit of a queue formed for the one K13 available but Ken P (duty instructor) worked his way through the list, completing it by sunset.  The Puchacz boys (EUF) rigged and got in lots of launches.  There was also the first appearance of Justin’s “new” Pirat.  Justin was one happy bunny.

Bob B was the subject of envy, provoking comments such as “that’s a big one Bob”, “have you seen the size of Bob’s” and “how does he hold something that big steady?”.  Certainly his new lens was producing spectacular results, such as the photo above.
After a 30 year lay-off from flying, Andrew P popped in to take a look at our operation, flew and joined on the spot.
Special mention of (and thanks to) Rod H who provided us with excellent launches to 2,000′ for much of the day.

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