Awards Dinner

32 members and guests attended the Annual Dinner, admirably cooked and served by Marion and her team at The Plough, Shalbourne.

Awards of club drinking vessels were made in appreciation of services to the club or recognition of flying achievements:
Supergrafter Awards to Alan B and Bill  for enormous time spent on recovering JPC,and James H for days under the Trooper.
Stropmeister Award to Paul B for keeping the launching kit up together.
Salesman of the Year Award to Jon G for getting us a double page news spread in the localrag
Big Spender Award to Paul P, for doing most chargeable flying in 2013 (I hope he can live this down with his wife)
Three-in-a-row Award to Chris K for unluckiest day(3x launch fail + 1x Airprox in three consecutive launches)
Up & Down Award to Steve B for highest and lowest(-but-got-back-up-for-a-proper-circuit) flights – 7800′ in wave in the K8, and below the Gibbett on a rare ridge day
Ab-Initio of the Year Award to Justin for getting to solo/off-checks in one season.

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Shalbourne Gliding