Sunday 8th December

As yesterday’s forecast suggested today was indeed a good flying day.

Loads of good high launches, plenty of extended soaring and for me the chance to indulge in my favourite sport of bung pulling…………….yes you guessed it more Instructor checks!

This time it was Pete Ellison’s time to have his annual BI checks done by me so after much spinning, stalling and Bloggs generally having much fun his logbook was duly endorsed with a signature 🙂

Good to see Jim McCormick back at the club.

Also nice also to see that despite a layoff for a year or so Jim hadn’t forgotten how to launch and land a K13 as for the first two flights he flew the whole flight without me needing to take over……well done Jim, good to see you back!

Yes I know the picture shows him in the Puchacz but this was just before his third flight!


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