Saturday 9th November

What a great day’s flying we didn’t have today.

Paul Prentice didn’t manage to fly the K8 for the longest, Steve Gaze didn’t spend all day on the winch, Graham Tanner didn’t manage to get the highest launch and I didn’t get the chance to pull the bung on some unsuspecting P2.

Yep you guessed it we didn’t fly 🙁

The weather did start to look promising around 2pm but after DI’ing the winch and cables cloudbase descended rather quickly so we packed up and went our separate ways.


Graham did manage to pass his Bronze Theory Test with flying colours so well done to him!

And with the aid of Paul Prentice and Steve Gaze we installed the signs at either end of the bridle way.

Not a wasted day but would have preferred to have flown as well.


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