Sunday 6th

After such a busy Saturday we only had about half the number of folks flying on Sunday and less than half the number of launches.  However, what we lack in quantity we more than made up with soaring.  The LS3 was rigged and each of the 3 syndicate partners had flights of over an hour.  3 other flights of 48 minutes and   Climb rates on offer were generally modest and the cloud base limited but 3 knots on the averager could be found  and climbs to 2,700′. 

Launch Point at midday – 4 gliders soaring

By 15:00 everyone had flown and nobody left to take advantage of the thermals still on offer.  Colin and Stephen were left to wait for Richard to return before derigging.

After an exhausting flight time for a power nap

A terrific day for the time of year enjoyed by so few.

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