Saturday 5th October

What a busy day!

First launch was 10:37 and the last was at 18:27 during which time we clocked up 51…..yes 51 launches!

Due to annual checks being conducted and lift not in attendance every flight was below 10 minutes that is apart from Bob who defied gravity to clock up an amazing 45 minutes in the K8.

With only two 2 seater’s it took a while for Jim and I to get through the flying list but never the less everyone eventually got to fly.

With a 1/2 day course (which Pete Ellison kindly flew for me), 4 annual checks and a first solo everyone had a good time.


Congratulations go to Steve Trenaman for having his first solo…..well done Steve!

Also to Mark Patterson, Chris Keating, Paul Prentice and Steve gaze for completing their annual checks and to Pablo for converting to the K8.

All in all a long but constructive day’s flying.


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