Bank Holiday

What’s this?  A posting for bank holiday?  The weather is never any good on bank holidays.

Well, never say never.  The weather forecast was excellent – or rather the forecast was for excellent weather, the weather itself was a bit slow to do do as forecast. 

Anyway, there were several gliders rigged and parked up by the launch point by about 1100, ready for the forecast thermals to pop off.  We kept throwing two-seaters at the sky, but they all fell off straight away, so Trevor went for a snifter in the K8 and hung on for half-an-hour in weak wave – aha! there’s the problem, the wave was spoiling the thermals.  We kept throwing gliders at the sky and some of them took a while to fall down again, until eventually at 1415, three hours later than expected, Jim went off in the Nimbus and did not return. After that, the next ten all soared away (with the ignoble exception of one) and mostly went off on XCs to Devizes and Wantage, or Didcot.  Trevor finally got round to rigging and took the last launch of the day at 1745 to show us it was all still working, landing at 1900 so we could go home.

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