Sunday (9th June) confusion

The weather guru wasnt sure and had us all confused over what advection was – its simple really  frac{1}{2} mathbf{u} cdot nabla mathbf{u} + frac{1}{2} nabla (mathbf{u} mathbf{u}) = nabla left( frac{|mathbf{u}|^2}{2} right)  + left( nabla times mathbf{u} right) times mathbf{u} + frac{1}{2} mathbf{u} (nabla cdot mathbf{u})

Anyway despite that we went flying using the standard technique of throwing gliders skyward until they stuck. Variously different pilots added velco , pritstick(TM) , treacle  and drying weetabix to the upper surfaces of their wings until Phil and Carol tried a Cumulus cloud  – this seemed to do the trick! After that most people got a soaring flight, though those practicing circuits also got a few of those…

In addition a guy came to watch for a while:  the chap used to be a member of the club and was in the Pirat syndicate but then he moved to Canada in 1986. You may remember him – his name is Colin Aldridge.

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Shalbourne Gliding