Non flying.

This year hasn’t exactly been great for gliding, especially when one is busy at work and only get the weekends at best to utilise for gliding.

Usually my glider repairs are undertaken on the winter months when it’s cold and nasty. Recently it’s been cold and nasty so over the last few weeks I decided to undertake some remedial repairs and improvements to the belly and wingtips of my LS7.
This is what happened:

First you take one of these:

In this particular case I was lucky to have an Andy Brind brain which I picked.
He told me what I should do with this:

The problem was the wing tips were a little tatty and the belly of the fuselage was cracked through the gel coat and had a few score marks where it had landed in the odd flinty field or 17 times….

Next thanks to Andy ‘The Brain’ I ended up with a lot of advice and one of these:

Next you take a pair of these:

With a lot of this:

As well as this:

Eventually you end up with this:

Which I found upsetting and rather worrying.

At this point you need a little luck and the help of the Spray Fairy, they’re quite shy creatures, can you see the little fellow?

I managed to coax him in with a little help from:

Low and behold:

I trapping him with one of these:

And he weaved his magic:

And I ended up with:

Now all I have to do is polish it back and go fly!

Thanks Andy and Phil!

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