Return to Winter (Sunday 28th)

A day that had everyone going back to their cars to find more layers.  The forecast clear sky for the start of the day did not materialise so it was a day for seeing who could break into double digits with their flight.  Mark P was first with 10 minutes but his crown was immediately stolen by Rob J with 11 minutes who then got pipped by Paul P with 12.  Paul’s record looked safe as we returned to single digit flight times but we did not allow for the Trevor Effect.  He pulled a 26 minute flight out of thin air.  Last flight of the day was equally unexpected as James W started circling off the top of the launch to return 22 minutes later from 2,400.

The other high spot (different kind of high) was Jon S taking his first solo.  Well, first solo in something without an engine and inflight services.

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Shalbourne Gliding

Shalbourne Gliding