Saturday 2nd February

The prediction for Saturday was for a ridge day and though it worked to some extent it was nowhere as good as in October. However, the day was to get exceptional when the thermals took hold, not what is expected at the start of February in the UK. Even the K13 took a trip out to Hungerford and reached 3500′, getting back took 2 mins and 600′.

Given recent rain it was impressive to see how much the field had dried out. The flying statistics were equally impressive:
41 launches
nearly 22hours total flying time in just over 7 hours
7 flights over a hour, longest 1hr 58min
21 members flew, including two new ones
and Pablo had his first solo flight off a winch launch and in the UK.

To round off the day, even though I was duty instructor, I was able to get in my first flight in the LS3 since buying into it, with enough thermals left to get half an our in it.

Good fun had by all.

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