Wednesday 28th November -Alternative Ridge Day

Seeing that the Ridge at Parham would be working Rod,Chris, Paul, Carol and myself trailed our gliders down there to have a day of ridge running.

All you need is a 1,000 ft aerotow and then you are away…… some more away than others….read on!

Rod and Paul in their Puchacz managed 2 hours and Carol and I just 1 3/4 hrs. Chris was hoping to do epic things but unfortunately pushed on a little too far and only managed about 20 mins. Not wanting to say who landed out but the figures speak for themselves 🙂

All in all a good ridge day with plenty of opportunities to get down and dirty……..again some more than others. Still it was a good field we pulled the glider out of even though it meant I had to reverse the Janus Trailer a good way down a narrow winding road in the dark to get back to the main road!


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