A trip to Lleweni Parc

After the memorable Saturday ridge day a week or so ago Carol and I towed the Janus up to Lleweni Parc with great hopes of having a week flying the ridge. Unfortunately it appears the weather had not seen the forecast because whilst the BBC morning forecast was showing moderate westerlies (ideal for ridge running) we were actually looking out of the cottage window at a definite southerly flow!

As there is only so much staring up at the sky I can do and getting a bit twitchy I took the opportunity to at least have a fly in the Falke and explore the ridge.

Certain parts of the ridge were sort of working and in a few places working well, so well in fact that I managed to convince P1 to turn off the engine and whilst at the controls soared the ridge the 8 miles or so to Ruthin. It wasn’t until I turned back that P1 suddenly remembered that this part of the flight was actually not costing me anything as his costs were worked out on engine time not flying time, he duely restarted the engine!

Here is a short video of the flight:

As you can see from the approach the tarmac strip is a bit narrow and it is vital that you do not depart it as the ground either side is very boggy. We were told that if we did roll onto the grass “sanctions would be made” , what ever that means. The closeness of the bales certainly concentrates the mind but still I was quite happy that I did get a chance to soar the ridge even if it was in a Falke 🙂


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