Wednesday 19/9 epic day……not!

After leaving a good energy line to turn Devizes we looked back towards  Rivar only to see that the area of reasonable looking clouds we left had somehow turned to clag within  a matter of minutes. After 10k in sink we were left with too little height to get back to Rivar so diverted to Upavon with only enough height for a quick 360 before landing next to the launch point.

According to Uncle Roy even their DG1000 was only getting 6 minute circuits so we did not feel too bad!

Thanks to Paul  and Rob for retrieving us and to Roy and Eve Gaunt for a great cup of tea 🙂


P.s I hear you had  a cup of tea at Upavon with Carol a while back Chris! Can you see a common theme going on here?

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Shalbourne Gliding

Shalbourne Gliding