Sunday 30th

With a brisk SW wind the only thing stopping us from getting high launches was the cloud base which stubbornly lurked at around 1600ft.  However during one all too brief clear(er) bit Jim McCormick and I in a K13 managed to get a launch to 2200ft!
With such a reasonable breeze there was definitely some wave influence but using it for any real effect was hard to say the least, that was until Chris B took the last launch of the day.
With a lowering cloud base Chris took a launch and contacted the wave which kept him hovering over the winch at 1600ft (cloud base) for 22 minutes. As you can imagine he kept on repeating to all around that he had had the longest flight of the day 🙂

Not sure how many flights were flown but we were well into the second page. With one 1/2 day course and plenty of instructional flights all those who who turned up certainly enjoyed the day.


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Shalbourne Gliding

Shalbourne Gliding