Wednesday Evening Group 15th August

With the evenings starting to draw in this was to be the last of this year’s Wednesday Evening flying sessions.
As predicted the heavy rain cleared around 4pm and left us with good but challenging flying conditions. The 20 knot + southerly breeze certainly gave high launches (I had 2000ft solo in the Puchacz!) but it also made the approach much more interesting. 70knots and full airbrake gave an almost vertical  approach which was quite different to what we had been teaching up to then!

All 4 of the group coped with the conditions well and I feel all of them have made excellent progress over the last few months, so much so that two of them are not far from going solo…well done!

Thanks go out to Steve Ottner, Steve Barber, Rod Harris, Chris Bessent and Richard Dann and anyone else I have forgotten for their invaluable help with these evenings, i’m sure all the abinitios are very grateful for the time you have given to these evenings.

Thanks again


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