The Champions of task week are…

…all those that turned up and flew, and more importantly those that turned up and hooked-on, log kept, instructed and manned the winch, we thank you all.

To the flying, which may not yet be over as there are still 4 days left (hmmm he says seeing the forecast):
So far we have flown and soared on 6 consecutive days, admittedly not many of those have been good for x/c but we tried some very short tasks on the bad days and some short tasks on the better days. Chris landed out one day, on the next he tried to land out with Phil in the Janus and today Phil and Carol succeeded in landing out – Carol needed a piece of cake I’m told 😉
Yesterday we had two visitors land, both took relights only for one to land out again at Popham and get an aerotow retrieve, or so I’m led to believe; some days just aren’t yours.
All in all it is fair to say it was like gliding, only lower!

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Shalbourne Gliding

Shalbourne Gliding