Pete and Claire’s gliding holiday

As you may be aware Claire and I take a gliding trip every year to another club. This year we had booked last week off work – here’s our daily account, it was a bit different as we booked on a course and got to try some different types:

Sunday: Arrived and got a quick recap on the Junior including how to rig before having a couple of hours getting used to them in the morning. In the afternoon we took to K21s with an instructor for the first session of our course.
Monday: Much the same, a specialist session on the Junior in the morning with some advanced drill in the K21 with instructors in the afternoon. Much stronger conditions today, almost at the limits.
Tuesday: This time a specialist session on the DG500 including lead and follow, Claire and i took one together in the morning, but landed out a couple of times. The afternoon saw us complete a practise race in the DG500, I think we did ok but it wasn’t scored.
Wednesday: Morning free session in the DG500 practising going round a course.  In the afternoon the course had lead and follow in LS4s on the agenda, again some land outs buts lots of fun. After the leader had finished we kept going for another hour.
Thursday: Quick free session in the DG500 in the morning before daring to take out the Nimbus 3D together – returned scared for lunch. Afternoon, another lead and follow in the LS4s to complete our course, no land outs this time.
Friday: Late start for some aerobatics and advanced flap settings in the DG500 with an instructor along side – lots of land outs and a long distance covered during the flap training! In the afternoon a competitive race with Claire and I again in the DG500. A bit slow at the start but we recovered to finish 7th out of 14.

Claire after a land out.

Claire cranking the DG500 into a strong thermal.

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