Into July

Well, that was a miserable June with the lowest number of launches for June for 5 years (and we had the extra Bank Holiday) maybe summer is waiting for July.  Nope, in the first 2 weeks more non-flyable days and Trial Lesson Eveniings cancelled.  However, despite the weather, we managed to fly on the following days

Thursday 5th

No flying for the Wednesday boys but Phil moved the Progress Group to Thursday and they managed to squeeze in 16 launches in the evening (that included several training launch failures – well, this is the “progress” group).

Saturday 8th

On a positive note – 26 launches, but when the longest flights were 33 and 18 minutes this was hardly summer flying.

Monday 9th

Kintbury Scouts visiting for a TLE (after had their evening cancelled the previous week because of the weather).  A prompt 18:00 start and an excellent ground crew resulted in 21 scouts flying with one cable to be tided away.  Deservedly taken by our TLE co-ordinator Graham who was rewarded with a great view of the sunset

Wednesday 11th

One of those “interesting” days that adds to ones life experiences (i.e. difficult strong cross-wind  day).  Mainly circuits with a few extended flights.  Outstanding flight of the day was a 43 minute one from Chris K taking the the duty instructor along for ballast – lots of laughter on that flight.  The Progress Group discovered just how much circuits may need to be modified with high final turns and landing across the runway.

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