Wed 20th – a good day ahead?

Good forecast.  Go to the airfield and rig. Sky full of good-looking cu. Launch straight into a 6kt thermal to 3000ft.  Great, it’s a romper, let’s do a 100k for starters: ChilBoltoN – LASham – HUNgerford.  Er… getting low and not even at Andover, sky that way not so good any more, but looks better towards LASham, so let’s do LASham-DIDcot instead.  Got low again but climbed away and made LASham OK, but turned round to look North, and West – sky had really gone bad again.  Looking doubtful I could get home, best hope was back towards Andover. It did work, but only just – land-out averted, fortunately.  Meanwhile Chris and Chris were doing a lead-and-follow round LYNham and WELford, but apparently that wasn’t a romp either, though Trevor reported good conditions Lambourn way later. 

There were also several local soaring flights of an hour or more, in total about 20hrs soaring and 400km by the dozen or so members available.  So all-in-all it was a good day, if not the absolute romp promised.

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