Sunday 13th (the other day)

So, everyone made a bee-line for Saturday.  Some of us knew our glider would be occupied and went flying on the other day of the weekend (and not all that many of us).  Well why would anyone pick Sunday when the Lasham weather guru said “nothing spectacular – rather lingering cumulus base 3000-3500ft” with 2 kt thermals?  Well, the friend of Selvam’s who I took for a TL mid-afternoon seemed to think that joining a thermal shortly after launching that took us to 4,800 with the vario bouncing between 8 and 10 was spectacular – but then it’s easy to impress folks taking a TL isn’t it.  In this case he’d been to L many years ago and didn’t quite make solo so he did have some experience to compare with.
OK I will admit earlier on it wasn’t so easy all day and not everyone managed to get away and some took more than 1 attempt.  Even so 9 of the (modest) 19 launches had a decent length flight (between 1 and 3 hours).  I don’t know where folks got to other than Pete (180k but then his Nimbus was back in its trailer by the time the best conditions arrived) – oh, and me.  Between Colin and myself EEFy clocked up over 5 hours.

PS I’m not trying to take a pop at the Lasham forecasts – they are very good and I do appreciate being able to see them.  It just goes to show that the weather does what it wants to do.

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