Saturday 19th

‘Vaguely Soarable’ is how Met God David Masson forecast the day, and indeed vaguely soarable is what it turned out to be. We did our first vague soaring on the first flight when the gloop cleared enough to fly at around 11am. We flew through the rest of the day and it was soarable for most of that time, with a mix of soaring flights, cable breaks, checks and investigation of glider behaviour near the stall. Lovely to see Mark Patterson firmly back and not far off resoloing; lovely also to see John Day back and determined to get himself back to solo. Meanwhile we flew two trial lessons – I hope they’ll both be back – and those in training/improvement got down to some hard work on training and improving. The only thing missing was the rest of you – we had only enough people to operate one glider at a time for most of the day. Don’t waste the facility you’ve paid for – get out and get flying! And the DI apologises for having to slope off a little early – even I was fooled by the weather into thinking we’d be packed up by 5.15 when we did the last flight!

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