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I write this sat on the banks of the Elbe, 80p pint of Urquell in hand looking up at the remains of the days 5000ft cu. Mountains rise majestically in the distance and the bar maid is quite simply gor… Sadly I haven’t been flying, the hotel isn’t communism’s finest (i have been issued my single bar of carbolic soap by the stern receptionist) and Steti is all an eastern bloc industrial town conjures in your imagination – the paper mill blocks the views of the river. It does have wireless so I will write about Sunday to pass the drinking of the last of the first pint!

The day had spreadout, the forecast had said it would. But I was over Abingdon at 2500 and needed some more for final glide. I drifted ever closer in the 20kt tailwind towards a scraggy bit of cu beneath the grey. It boosted me onto glide and I set off for home.

It was an interesting day getting here, 5kts to 6000ft was tempered by a strong wind, thankfully the mighty nimbo has legs enough to make up for talent deficiency and the first leg up to Finmere had gone ok – some long glides using energy lines but at the tp it was looking grey. I glid in, rounded it and looked south – the lift looked a long way away towards Oxford. I set off at best glide. When i got there (the lift that was a long way away) I had picked a field and was wheel down on a downwind leg, but I got a knot and scrapped back up. Boosted by the now tailwind tp2 at Bullington Cross was easy with the best lift and greatest cloudbase. I turned north and set of for tp3 between Oxford and Bicester (Isley), of course the spreadout was heading remorselessly south and now this TP was all grey doom, again I glid in but this time running past it to the only promising cloud. It was snowing but working well and I climbed up and glid south to Abingdon.

The wireless has died so I’ll post this later on!

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